Synergy of Augmented reality and
artificial intelligence technologies

We are a team of developers and 3D designers
who make the world more
perfect, modern, moving with the times.

How it works?

The ARWALL system generates a QR CODE (it can be "masking" or standard), which, when pointing the gadget's camera, instantly reproduces the prepared script with sound. It can be a video sequence, 3D objects, logos with links of transitions. You do not need to download any applications at the same time. One simple action to revive the static.

Technologies of own development:

Organic integration

Creating a masking QR code and organic integration into a picture or object. QR can output any number of click–through links.

Facial recognition systems

3D avatar

Creation of a 3D avatar, an exact copy of a person or any object with subsequent integration into Augmented Reality (AR), the metaverse.

Web AR

Cross-platform solution of AR projects for Android|IOS operating systems without creating mobile applications.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create new scenarios of mobility in statics.

Panoramic Photos

Shooting Panoramic Photos and integrating them into Google maps with automatic creation of the geolocation on the map.

Smart T-shirt

Your clothes can be smart - we will add augmented reality to them.